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  1. Nic AG now provides a fully automated registrar front-end with a real-time credit card processing facility, which allows searching for domain names, ordering domain names, ordering hosting solutions, and paying for outstanding registrations and renewals. We currently accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

    Please click on 'Register Domain' on the left menu bar to visit our new Registration Site.

    All outstanding registration and renewal fees can be paid by selecting 'Purchase Hosting' from the left menu bar, entering a domain name, clicking the Continue button, and selecting the appropriate 'hosting option' (e.g. Outstanding Registration Fee for a .ag name or Outstanding Renewal Fee for a .ag name.).


  2. You can wire transfer funds directly to our USA account in New York.

    Please contact our billing department ( for wire transfer instructions after you have received a valid invoice.

    Please ensure your name or company name appear in the sender section of the wire transfer. Remember to include the domain name(s).

    When remitting a payment via wire transfer, please send a confirmation e-mail to with the your Company name, date, originating bank, amount of the transfer, and the Account Name in which the transfer was conducted from.

    Please note that you are responsible for all bank fees and charges associated with wire transfers. Note also that the bank charges a fixed fee for each wire transfer. Please add this amount to any remittances submitted via this method

    This process takes about 2-4 days to be completed if done correctly.

  3. Other Methods

    Payments may also be made by Company Check, Bank Draft/International Money Order (all drawn on a US bank) and payable to :

    NIC AG
    P.O Box W1092, Woods Mall,
    St. John's
    Antigua, West Indies



Credit Cards Accepted

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