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Nic AG Partners

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Nic AG is pleased to announce its Partner Program, with the following rules and benefits to partners:

  1. Partner domain name discounts are substantial, and increases according to the total number of domains registered
  2. Partners have the ability to sign up other registrars
  3. Partners have the authority by Nic AG to represent it to sign up other registrars
  4. All domains registered via partner sponsored registrars also count towards future discounts
  5. A partner may use either or both the RRP and the automated email templates
  6. A partner has direct access to the domain database to make changes and maintain their customers' domains
  7. All current Nic AG registrars will be given the opportunity to become partners
  8. A partner may also have its own agreement with each of its registrars, providing that Nic AG's requirements for registrars are included and made clear or that the partner becomes responsible to make sure the registrars comply
  9. A separate partner agreement may be required for those who have already signed a registrar agreement, but may be also attached to the registrar agreement for those who want to become partners immediately.

To become a Nic AG Partner, you must first become a Nic AG Registrar. Please follow the instructions to become a Nic AG Registrar if you are not currently one. After being accredited as a Nic AG Registrar, you may apply to become a Nic AG Partner. For more information about becoming a Nic AG Partner, please email



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